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What are the benefits of books that already have ISBNs? Check out the following review!

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Benefits of ISBN Books

By successfully finding a book publisher with an ISBN, the published book manuscript is guaranteed to have an ISBN. There are many benefits to be obtained from owning the ISBN. For example:

1. Books are Easy to Identify

The first advantage of books that have ISBNs is that they are easy to identify. That is, there are times when you will find a book with the exact same title. However, the author’s name is different. If you take it wrong and the buyer or reader only focuses on the title, of course, you will be disappointed when you get home. With ISBNs this can be prevented, because this code is unique, so one code is only for one book. If the wrong book is purchased by consumers or there may be a printing error from the publisher. So the process of taking care of it becomes easier because books can be easily identified when there is a report.

2. Books Can Be Widely Distributed

ISBN codes are known to have the function of smoothing distribution flows. An ISBN allows a book to be widely promoted, both across regions and across countries. Because in addition to showing that the book is officially published, it is also more recognized and accepted by various bookstores. So that books can be sold anywhere and easily accessible to readers.

4. Show the Book Officially

Are there any unofficial books? Basically all publications are official as long as they are published by the authorities, such as the author of the book himself. However, of course it will be difficult because books can be copied and reproduced by others. ISBNs can prevent this, because ISBNs can only be submitted by official publishers and IKAPI members. So that the book is guaranteed to be printed with quality paper and the contents are guaranteed to be worthy of publication because it goes through a long process according to standards. Therefore, books with ISBNs show that they are official and worthy of reading by the public. This indirectly contributes to book sales figures.

5. For Lecturers, ISBN Books Recognized by Higher Education

The last advantage of books with ISBNs and published by book publishers with ISBNs is that they are beneficial for lecturers. The point here is, lecturers benefit from the ISBN in their books. Because it has met the scientific book publishing standards from the Higher Education so that books can be included in the BKD report and add credit points. The hard effort to write and publish the book was not in vain because it was guaranteed to be recognized.

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